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Tommy Cowan

Husband | Father | Photographer | Traveler


Family | Passion | Personal

My family means everything to me. I've always had great aspirations for my career, but i've always DREAMED of being a Father and Husband. My amazing Wife Alysen makes me a better man every day and my Son, Tommy, has given me a sense of purpose that nothing else in this world has. My wife and I just introduced our newest addition, our second son, Clyde Jeffrey Cowan. Clyde was born on my 30th birthday! My wife is my best friend, I have two beautiful sons... man, I am one lucky guy. 

Everything I do in my life involves passion. Whether it be with a camera in my hand or watching my beloved Broncos, passion is present. Being passionate is a must for me because it is such a driving force in my life. I'm always looking for new ways to achieve great things and that doesn't happen without having passion.

I want to make a personal connection with everyone I meet. When it comes to photography, that connection is vital. Without it, I could never capture your true self. Most people feel nervous about pictures or just flat out hate taking them. Let me show you how i've changed that for other people. 



I get asked a lot about how I got started in photography. Well, if you ask my Mom or Dad, they'd tell you my whole life... at least by osmosis. Both my parents were in the photography industry and at an early age, the seed of photography was planted. What's funny, is I couldn't stand photography as a kid. If we had to stop at another covered bridge, lighthouse or wooden fence on a cross country family roadtrip I might have lost my mind. 

In college I took a photography class and on the first day someone from the small town local newspaper came in and asked if anyone knew how to shoot sports action and if they had an extra camera. Check and check. I started shooting for the Journal-Advocate in Sterling, CO and it launched my career. I graduated from Red Rocks with my photography degree and then got linked up with some really awesome mentors and killer photographers. I have been shooting weddings and traveling the world with a Nikon camera in my hand since 2008 and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.