Business Photography

Whether you're looking for headshots or you need an event covered, I'm your guy. When I shoot weddings or portrait sessions, I bring a personable experience to the session and my business photography is no different. Who says getting your headshot needs to be a painful experience? I make people feel comfortable in front of the lens which allows me to capture the real YOU. 



I can't tell you how many times people walk in to their headshot session saying that they HATE getting their photo taken and to just "get it over with". Most of the time those same people are leaving the session with a huge smile on their face and the memory of their mom making them go to the mall for their portraits as a kid has faded. I want a headshot to represent the real person that is smiling in the camera, not just a fake smile on a badge. I want someone to look at a business headshot and see a little bit of the story of where they work and the company that they are representing. 



When putting together a business event, you want good energy. Usually when a business event is put together, it is a chance for everyone to truly be themselves and have fun instead of focusing on just work. Whether it be the bar staff to the photographer, you need people that facilitate that good energy and that is exactly what I can do. I want to ultimately be a part of the event, bring positive energy and of course capture great photos for you and your event. When you look at the photos from your event, I want you to feel like you are there!



Believe it or not, even though it might just be a product and not a person, the feeling you get when you look at the image is still important. Have you ever felt hungry after looking at a photo of food? Sure, the delicious meal in the photo has a lot to do with that... but so does the engery when the photo was captured. I can facilitate that energy to make you feel like you can almost taste the food you're looking at.