Taylor + Scott // Cordillera Lodge

I love small and intimate weddings. I really enjoy the relaxed feel during a small wedding day. Usually, after a wedding like that, I feel like I am a part of something special... like, I made the cut of important people to attend. Well Taylor and Scott took it one step further and I ended up eating dinner with the two of them along with the rest of their amazing family! I had a great time getting to know the rest of their families and the food was pretty great too.

I knew Taylor from High School at TJ along with her younger Sister, Harriet. Taylor and I were good friends and have always not only had a mutual friendship but a mutual respect on how we carried ourselves. Sometimes people can get caught up in the drama or scandals that High School naturally produces but some people, like Taylor, rise above it because well... she is simply better than that. I had lost touch with her after school but when I received a phone call about me shooting her wedding, I couldn't have been more excited.

I arrived at Cordillera Lodge, which I had never been to, and loved the look of the whole place. I searched around and immediately found the epic lookout spot and knew I wanted to shoot there. I met Taylor and Scott after they were ready and we started off with family photos. When that was done we took some shots of Taylor and Scott's Daughter, Teagan. She wasn't sure of me quite at first but she warmed up and we got some great shots. We moved on to the stars of the show, Taylor and Scott. As soon as they got together without any other distractions, I could see their love truly shine through. The way Scott looked at her was all of the conviction I needed to know they will have a wonderful and amazing marriage and life together.

I was honored once again to capture a wedding day of someone I get the pleasure of calling a friend. It was a beautiful day and we ended up getting some great photos! Cheers to the next time I get to spend time with all of them!