Evan Domagala // Senior Portraits

I had one last senior portrait session from my Alma Mater, Thomas Jefferson. It was with an awesome kid, Evan, and it might have been my favorite Senior session of the year! We went down to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts which was perfect for Evan because he spent years performing there as a kid.

Sometimes senior portraits can be tough... Most guys aren't that excited about taking pictures and making those guys feel comfortable can be a challenge. Not for Evan, he made my job easy. A good looking kid that has a great smile is easy for any photographer but Evan embraced his photo shoot and we had a blast getting some great shots around that area. I shot a couple new murals down there and I really enjoyed my time with him!

I hope Evan has an amazing senior year on and off the lacrosse field and wish him an even better time in his next step in life!