Taylor + Dustin // Arrowhead Golf Course

I'm pretty lucky that all of my friends are getting married right now. My TJHS family have been falling in love and getting married at a rapid rate, and I've been lucky enough to be there with my camera. Dustin is someone that if you call him a friend, your life is better because of it. He has this constant smile that is infectious and good times and laughs are almost always a part of a conversation with Dustin.

Knowing the quality person Dustin is, when he told me he was engaged, I couldn't wait to meet Taylor. Well, I met her and was so happy to know that she was way better than Dustin... OK, maybe not better but at least way prettier. Taylor has a smile that puts Dustin's to shame and has a positive energy that is so evident that you can almost see it in the room. Together they have the type of love people dream about. They make each other better in every way and I can't wait to see how their lives grow together.

Arrowhead Golf Course is arguably the most beautiful site you can see on the Front Range here in Colorado and an amazing place to have a wedding. Yeah, it rained, but only enough to give them good luck and then it stopped for the rest of the day. We took some great photos, ate some good food and partied in the brisk fall air... till we were told we needed to leave. It is always an honor to capture anyone's wedding day but a capturing a friend's wedding day means that much more.




Venue- Arrowhead Golf Course

DJ- DJ Connection

Florist- Two Leaves and a Bloom

Cake- Sweet Treats