Kim + Jeff // LoDo Engagement

Don't get me wrong, I love doing photo shoots and writing blogs for people I know and love but meeting new people really gets me jazzed up. I enjoy reaching new people and gaining a new network of people. Meet Kim and Jeff. Kim used to work with my Wife, Alysen and I got the privilege of doing their engagement photos in LoDo last weekend. 

Both Kim and Jeff are headed West to California near Orange County, where Jeff recently received a new job opportunity. That makes two people total that are moving AWAY from Colorado. Don't worry, they both want to return eventually, but people tend to follow those great opportunities when they arise.

We met down at Union Station and shot around near the Oxford Hotel. I love the light and depth the alley off 17th avenue gives. We went down that alley to a cool white door that I love and ran into two gentlemen hanging out near there listening to music. As we started to shoot and Jeff and Kim got close... one of the two guys started bumping R-Kelly to "set the mood". I don't know how much it worked but we all had a good laugh about it!

After hitting LoDo, we walked over to Millennium Bridge and Confluence Park. This overall location is probably my favorite place to shoot in Denver. I love getting an ultra urban feel and within a short walking distance, you can get a nature type of feel with great back lighting. After shooting around for awhile I got a great sense of who these two are and I have no doubt they will have a love filled life ahead of them!