Ali + Chaz // Denver Moss // Denver Wedding Photography

I had head a lot about this new venue, Moss Denver. I knew it was an indoor venue with a "warehouse" type feel. Exposed brick, old windows and a cool moss wall. Being a Denver wedding photographer, I'm always excited about new places to shoot. I think every photographer can relate to that. No matter where the location, if it's new to you, there's something a little bit more exciting leading up to the day.

When Ali had reached out to have me be their wedding photographer, I was stoked to say the least when she said it was at Moss Denver. I had never met either Ali or Chaz before their big day and that can be a bit nerve wracking for both parties... but when I showed up, I saw Ali directing people on where to go, what to do and how to do it. I was afraid of walking up to her and saying "happy wedding day" and it actually being the event coordinator. Luckily it was Ali and we were able to start some photos!

I always like telling the story of the venue when I'm shooting so I thought the moss wall was fitting for Ali and Chaz's first look. As usual, they had an amazing first look with true emotion and it kicked off an awesome night for the both of them.

I love being challenged when I shoot. I was a part of almost 40 weddings this last year and almost all of them I shot the main portrait portion of the day during daylight hours. By the time I clicked my first shutter for Ali and Chaz, the sun had gone down. The challenge there is having a vision for your light BEFORE you see it. Using off camera light the entire day was actually a lot of fun! It was something different, and different is good. It allowed me to think outside of the parameters that I usually had been for weddings and looking back it was extremely refreshing.

Their ceremony was beautiful, they had awesome food and were surrounded by people they love. I'd call that a pretty amazing night for the newlyweds. Thank you to both the Bride and Groom and cheers to the next step in your lives!