Photo Challenge- Week 1: Self Portrait

So here goes nothing... my first blog post! 

Some of my photographer friends have started a year long, weekly photo challenge. With a new challenge each week, it really is inspiring me and challenging me to think outside of just shooting for my business. After all, I became a photographer in the first place because well... I like it. This is giving me the opportunity to think creatively and spend more time around amazing photographers, pushing me to new heights!

This first week's description is: Week 1 Portrait: Self Portrait "Start things off right with a "Selfie"! Explore the self-timer on your camera."

I took this as a personal challenge to not only get a great shot but to also explain what my life is like right now. Having an 18 month old, an amazing wife and simply not being a morning person equals this photo below. This is about as perfect of a description of any morning in my house.

Week 1 Self Portrait-1.jpg

I look forward to sharing all of my weekly challenges along with any other shoots and weddings here on my new blog! Thanks for reading!