Amy + Matt Engagement

Amy and Matt are awesome. That's really all you need to know, but if you'd like to find out why you can keep reading. Or just look at their awesomeness in the photos below.

When we first met for drinks at the Kitchen Next Door in Denver to see if I was a good fit as their photographer, they both gushed about how much they love the mountains. They both snowboard so the mountain theme needed to be present in their engagement photos and wedding. They had the wedding part nailed down since they decided to get married on top of one. Keystone to be exact... on top of the Gondola in July ! (can't freaking wait for that by the way)

So since there wasn't going to be much snow on any mountain in July, we both really wanted to make the engagement session a winter wonderland! Then things started to get difficult. Mother nature can be tricky sometimes and throwing in three people's schedule, things can get REALLY difficult. It would snow, but I was out of town... then it would snow again and they would be. Then it didn't snow at all. For like 2 months. We both started to get nervous since it was almost 75 every day down in Denver,  but then we scheduled a date snow or no snow. Then we heard the forecast and it was going to snow the day before our shoot! Yay! What luck! Wait... it snowed 2 feet and I-70 is closed? Well then. Lucky Colorado can't make up it's mind on how warm it wants to be and it was 60 degrees the day of our shoot and I-70 opened back up. We even decided to stay a bit closer to town and do the shoot at Lookout Mountain since it got so much snow!

After a ton of planning and a ton of patience, we got what we came for. It always helps the photos when the couple has as much fun as they did. We were in knee deep snow for most of the shoot and never one time did they complain! I bossed them around for a couple of hours and we got some awesome shots! Check them out!

Tommy Cowan