Kodi + Spenser Engagement

I went to High School with Spenser and spent a lot of hours on the baseball diamond with him. Not only is he an awesome guy, but he found someone even more awesome! Kodi and Spenser seem to fit so well together and it shows in their photos. We joked around during their shoot about Spenser's Brother Trevor. I have been Trevor and his Wife, Katie's photographer for several life events and Trevor doesn't like photos much. He doesn't hold it against me but if it wasn't for Katie he wouldn't be in any photo for the rest of time. About 30 seconds and 4 photos in to Spenser and Kodi's engagement session, Spenser said "Well I've smiled more than Trevor did during his actual wedding so we're nailing it!"

I really enjoyed the few hours I got to spend with Kodi to get to know her better. I think her and Spenser really are meant for each other. Right when one of them started to bring out their "fake" smile, the other would say something funny or inappropriate (or both) and the shoot kept on rolling! I can't wait to shoot their wedding in August! I've mentioned it before but to capture wedding days or newborn sessions for people I love and care about is truly special for me. Every time I get that opportunity, I can't help but remember the 15 year old kids getting into shenanigans and playing ball on the diamond. To see how far we have all grown, it really does put life into perspective and help you cherish the moments that we all have right now!