Amy + Matt Wedding

Even being a Colorado resident, it's beauty can still surprise you. The officiant during the ceremony even said, "I think Keystone is showing off." He's probably right. It was a stunning place for a wedding. The Outpost on Keystone Mountain is truly one of the best venues in all of Colorado.

Our day started off with Amy and her Bridesmaids and the energy was perfect. They exchanged gifts and played a card game that was "their" game that they've played forever together. I met a new videographer Brandon (Brandon Rice Films), from Nashville and was amazing to work with! Check out his mini video from the day by clicking on his link above! Next we ran over to where Matt was getting ready with his Groomsmen, most of which were also in the Navy with Matt. I can tell you that NOTHING looks more sharp on a wedding day than Dress Blues.

We headed up the gondola for wedding party photos and were careful not to have Amy and Matt run into each other since there was no first look. We got some amazing photos and had a blast doing it. The personalities of this wedding party set the ton for how much fun there was to be had in the day! It truly was a perfect day... not too hot, not too cold or windy... just perfect. Once guests started to arrive, the ceremony began and a moment I was waiting for all day was about to happen... Matt seeing his Bride for the first time. I love the genuine reaction from Matt as the build up from the entire wedding process had finally lead to this moment.

Now it was time to party. With amazing energy and love from everyone in attendance, the rest of the night went on as planned. People danced, laughed, drank, got some oxygen from the oxygen bar with funny tubes up their noses and most of all showed Amy and Matt their support and love. There were a lot of people that showed a bitter-sweet emotion because after the wedding was over, Amy and Matt are headed to Canada in their next venture in life. The bitter? Canada isn't Colorado. The sweet? Amy and Matt's love is just beginning.

Thank you both for such an amazing day! I cannot wait to hear more of your adventures in your lives and journey to Canada!

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