Maddix's 3rd Birthday!

I had originally planned to do this photo shoot at Four Mile Historic Park only for us to show up to it being closed. I can't begin to say how glad that I am that it was! The light was perfect down on the Cherry Creek Trail and with the light coming through with some fall colors, it was a photographer's dream.

I had never met Adrie, Sage or the beautiful Maddox but I knew I was in for an amazing shoot once they showed up. Both Sage and Adrie put a lot of thought and effort into the shoot, bringing a tea set, vintage table and cupcakes! Oh, and Maddox happens to be a little ham, insanely adorable and was just a lot of fun to be around.

We started out on the trail with beautiful light and then headed up to take care of the cupcake scene. One of my favorite parts of the photo shoot was seeing all of the fun sides of Maddox. I tried to show all of her different fun faces and no one has a better arsenal of fun faces than a three year old.

Then it was time to eat some cupcakes! I was stoked for the photography... but also because I didn't have to see the sugar rush/ crash later on in the night! Overall it was a "portfolio" type photo shoot and am very thankful to have met Adrie, Sage and Maddox! Cheer's to the next time!