Aly + Derek Engagement // St. Mary's Glacier

I play baseball with Derek and have always noticed his kindness and work ethic. The team I play on now is filled with people I call friends and Derek is no different. I enjoy seeing him on the field every time I show up and am lucky to have a quality person in my life. I met Aly through Derek as they started dating and I noticed a new smile on Derek's face and a new joy. Derek and Aly have been inseparable since their relationship started and you can tell in these photos that they truly love each other. Aly looks at Derek and beams with the thought of spending the rest of her life with him and it is an amazing site to see.

We started the engagement session at Tommyknocker Brewery in Idaho Springs for a couple of beers and after we shot there a bit we headed up to St. Mary's Glacier. Im glad we did this shoot on a Wednesday, because on the weekends, this hike is absolutely packed! We saw maybe 10 people total on the way up and down, but one of them was a fellow photographer friend shooting an engagement session of his own!

After we hiked to the top with their two awesome dogs, I was sure to stop shooting and take in the view. Sometimes when I'm shooting in a beautiful place I can have blinders on, so to speak. I'm so focused on the shoot that I forget to look around and realize where I am. We live in a beautiful state and I'm trying my best to never take that for granted. Being able to take two wonderful people to capture their engagement is something really special. We shot around until we were running out of light and headed back down. It was an awesome shoot with awesome people!