Clare + Spencer // Schmid Ranch // Telluride, CO

If you've read my blog or know me personally, you'd know that I like to travel. Sometimes, I think I need to travel outside my home state to consider it "traveling". I couldn't be more wrong. Colorado has so much to offer and when it comes to Telluride, CO... it might just be my favorite city in all of Colorado. I brought along my wife and son on the trip and as we approached the city, we had a REAL conversation about moving there. We're not FYI. If you haven't been, go. Like, now.. it really is that amazing. Telluride and all of the surrounding areas makes me feel like I'm in the sound of music. I might just start singing. "The hills are alive....."

I get the opportunity to go to so many cool places because I am usually shooting a wedding. This trip was no different as Clare and Spencer decided that Telluride was the perfect place for a wedding. If you're wondering, it was/ is the perfect place for a wedding. I feel like if I got married in Colorado (my wife and I got married in Costa Rica), I would have had Clare and Spencer's wedding. On top of the awesomeness that was their wedding and location, Clare and Spencer are two of the most genuine, kind and lovable people I've ever met. I have my two friend's Justin and Ariana for introducing me to Clare and Spencer over a year ago and here it finally was... their wedding day in Telluride, Colorado.

When my buddy, Derek and I (my 2nd shooter for the day) rolled into town I couldn't have been more disappointed. I had been to Telluride before, so I knew what it usually looked like, which is amazing and beautiful. Well on this day, It was raining. A lot. So much so, that you couldn't even see the iconic mountain range at the end of town as you rolled through. I couldn't believe that I was going to have to shoot this wedding in bad conditions and not be able to give them the beauty and views in their photos. Even though I felt fairly defeated before I even stepped in for getting ready photos, I put on a smile and upbeat energy and walked into the room, constantly saying "it'll clear up". Not really being all that truthful, to be honest. After getting ready shots with the ladies, I headed over to where Spencer and his buddies were getting dressed and ready. It was a short walk but it was raining so hard, it felt like a mile. 

I headed out with the gents to do some portraits of all of them and they were troopers and dealt with the rain as best as possible. Nothing a little beer and whiskey can't handle. They were awesome, they didn't complain at all, even after I had them stand out in the rain and get drenched. We finished up with all the guys portraits and then it was Clare and all of her bridesmaid's turn. All of the sudden the rain just stopped. The fog went away and we could see the views! We took advantage of it and shot right down Main Street (Colorado Ave) for the iconic shots then headed to the ceremony. 

Clare and Spencer decided on seeing each other down the aisle and after their dog (of honor) Roxy, came running down the aisle, they finally saw each other on their wedding day. As always, it was a beautiful moment, a beautiful ceremony and after it was over, the sun even decided to pop out for the whole wedding-group photo! I could tell by their energy that it was going to be an amazing party later on in the evening. 

We took some wedding party photos and then kicked everyone out so we could have just Clare and Spencer for portraits. Did I mention how beautiful Telluride is? It really is hard to take a bad photo there. We headed up on the gondola, then came back down and hit the Valley Floor that faces the whole town. Not only were the views stunning but so were the bride and groom. I truly enjoyed every minute of being with them on their wedding day.

The party got started and it was exactly that, a PARTY. No one seemed to care that it was about 20 degrees outside. Again, nothing a little bit of beer, wine or whiskey can't solve. The dance party was awesome, and then Too Short came on, people were pouring champagne out of the bottle down people's throats and the bride and groom were doing keg stands. These are my people. 

I am so honored to be a part of a wedding like this and to capture their wedding day is something I will never forget. Truly one of my favorite weddings I've ever been a part of. Cheers to the newlyweds!!!