Leanne + Jason Engagement // Lair 'O the Bear & Evergreen, CO

I first met Leanne back at one of my first weddings I had shot for my friends Matt and Nikki back in 2013. She was a middle school bestie to Nikki but we hadn't seen each other since the wedding. The only place that our paths were to cross was probably at one of my baseball games, except she wouldn't have come to see me. Her now fiance, Jason, plays on the Denver Browns baseball team. I play for the Redhawks and the Browns are our biggest rivals in the league. They're good and so is Jason. They win the league pretty much every year... eeeeeexcept this year when we edged the Browns in the championship game 2-0. I wouldn't be a competitor if I didn't mention that here, but I'm sure Jason and any other Browns players and fans would expect that from me haha.  I had never really met him outside of the ball field and the only time I ever got to chat with him is when he got on first... which is a lot. During this last championship game, Jason had mentioned that he had gotten engaged and I told him we should chat! Funny thing is, Leanne wrote me an email asking about photography and the wheels started to turn. 

Leanne grew up near the Morrison area so we started their engagement session at a park right next to Lair 'O the Bear and I was stoked to find this new area. There was plenty of fall color still on all of the trees and it was a perfect spot to start out. They brought their dog, Miley Cyrus, with them and we got some great shots of the three of them. After coming in like a wrecking ball (boom still got it), we gave the dog off to Leanne's mom (thank you) and did the rest of the shoot with just the three of us.

Leanne kept saying that she was worried because she didn't know what to do for photos and claimed that they'd be awkward. Well, that didn't happen. Quite the opposite, actually. They were two of the easiest couples to direct and interact with. Every time I told them to do something, they made it their own and had fun with everything. Just yesterday, Jason and Leanne celebrated 8 years together and their chemistry showed it. They went from fun and playful to serious and emotional with no problems and I think we got some really awesome images. I truly enjoyed getting to know Jason more off the field instead of just a rival ball player and I loved getting to know Leanne more as well. I can't wait to shoot their wedding next summer!

I had two beautiful people that love each other, great locations, great light and even had dinner and a couple beers afterward. It doesn't get much better than that. 

Tommy Cowan