Lauren + Nate // Rocky Mountain National Park // Engagement

I get the amazing opportunity to meet a lot of different people as a photographer but it is even more amazing when those people turn into instant friends. I met Lauren and Nate a few months ago during our meeting for their wedding in October. I instantly connected with both Lauren and Nate and the usual one hour meeting turned into three and all of the sudden we were planning their engagement session.

Nate is big into the outdoors and loves to hunt and fish, so I immediately thought of Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park, CO. Turns out Lauren and Nate hike in RMNP quite often and with Nate loving the outdoors, it was a perfect fit. Not every couple is willing to wake up at 4:30am, drive two hours, put on snow shoes, hike to the lake... oh, and do all of that while it's 20 degrees with howling winds. Lauren and Nate however, are. They were champs. Hands were frozen, toes were numb and photos were taken. We got some killer shots and I truly enjoyed being around the two of them.

Lauren has an amazing smile that really lights up the photos. She is genuine, kind and just awesome in general. Nate's love for the outdoors is something I admire and on top of that his humor and wit makes him a pretty awesome guy. You can see it written all over Nate's face on how much he loves Lauren. They seem to balance each other out perfectly and the way they are around each other is what people search their whole lives for. I look forward to their wedding in October, but I look forward to getting to know the two of them more! Till the next adventure!