Kelsey + Pat // The Marina at Cherry Creek

I've been a bit tardy for this post since my injury but Kelsey and Pat deserve their wedding blog post, so here it is!

Pat and I play ball together on our Redhawks baseball team and have become really great friends. A quick fun fact... Pat is the one who threw the ball that broke my face a couple weeks ago (I had to put that in here, sorry Pat). To clarify though, it was all my fault. Anyway, Pat and I feed off of each other's energy and there is a connection between the two of us that has created a great friendship over the years. Pat brings a high energy and passion to the game of baseball that I relate to and I'm so glad I get to call him a friend... he's a guy you want on your side, trust me.

I met Kelsey at ball games she would come to and instantly knew my buddy was in good hands. She is a very caring and genuine person and I'm lucky to now call her a friend as well. She was so kind to me throughout the whole planning process and couldn't have been better to work with! Plus, she has never hit me in the face with a baseball, so she has a point in that column.

The wedding day arrived and I wish I was able to write something along the lines of "it was a perfect Colorado sunshine day..." but I'd be lying. The weather was well, miserable. Wet and slushy snow all day long and it didn't let up. Not the weather you'd like to take a wedding dress out in and take pictures to say the least. I feel like it is part of my job as a wedding photographer to push my clients to THEIR limit (not mine of course or else the whole day would be taking photos), or close to it anyway, to get the best photos possible. My clients invest a lot in me as their photographer and I want to deliver on that investment. Sometimes that means making my bride and grooms stand out in sideways rain/snow to get some killer photos on their wedding day. After things were all said and done, they were cool with me making them be out in the snow for the amount of time we did but it was still a tough time outside!

The party started at The Marina at Cherry Creek and it wasn't raining inside so, everyone was happy! They ate, they drank, they got down and had a great time! I loved catching Pat and Kelsey's looks toward each other throughout the night. It just fills me up to see a friend so happy and marrying such a wonderful person. I loved every second of the day... even the cold parts. Love you both and congratulations!