Katie + Taylor Engagement // North Table Mountain

I love taking photos, as I'm sure you could have guessed. It means a lot to me to capture special moments in people's lives. Meeting new people is amazing, capturing my friend's lives is awesome but family is the best. I haven't gotten the opportunity to do that in awhile but last week I got to take my Brother in law, Taylor and his fiancé, Katie's engagement photos. We discussed for months where we were going to take the photos and with their wedding in less than a month, we needed to nail something down. We decided on a new place for me, North Table Mountain in Golden. A beautiful but challenging place for an engagement session to say the least.

I had asked a friend about the hike who had done it with his dog, to see if I could take an engagement session. He said it was about a 20 minute hike straight up but it "wasn't that bad." He told me to just have the couple take the clothes they'd wear in their photos in a bag and hike up in tennis shoes, shorts and a tee shirt. So that's exactly what we planned for. Except I forgot that my buddy is a savage and hikes mountains all the time. I also forgot that I wasn't going on a hike with my dog... I was shooting an engagement session. Nonetheless, I picked up Katie and Taylor and we headed out to Golden. We parked the car, got our gear, stopped and looked where we were going and none of us said it, but we were all thinking, "we're hiking all the way up there?"

To get a good idea of the hike, the very first photo on the blog is taken from the parking lot and we hiked to the top of those rocks. It wasn't blazing hot which made the whole thing doable but hot enough that it was a tough hike. I had just had facial reconstructive surgery from an injury less than 4 weeks from the hike and I was feeling it pretty good. Or bad... however you want to look at it. 

Just before we got to the top, we sat in a shaded area to cool off for about 10 minutes. All three of us are athletes and shared a lot of past sport stories and experiences. I got to know more about Katie which is awesome because she is just that. Awesome. I'm lucky I get to call such a wonderful person my family and it's obvious that Taylor is pretty awesome too because Katie said yes! 

Once we cooled off, they changed clothes and we were off on the photo session. I didn't know what to expect once we got to the top. I guess I just figured it was a big open field with a few good lookouts. Well, once you get to the top, you find out that there are multiple trails that go on for miles. The rolling hills of the front range are gorgeous and I was instantly glad we hiked all the way to the top. Most people don't get views and perspectives like that for their engagement session and I'm glad we did something unique!

The love they have for each other is definitely evident. They have great chemistry and I loved being able to witness that. Taylor kept saying that they were kissing so much during the session that Katie might not want to kiss him for weeks! I hope that wasn't true, but even if it was... it was worth it for the photos. We had a great time on the hike and engagement session, but their wedding is rapidly approaching and I'm kind of looking forward to that a bit more... I think they'd agree with that statement.