Hayley + Chris // Grand Lake Lodge // Grand Lake, CO

I always love shooting at new venues and new places. As long as I've been in Colorado now, I'm ashamed to say, I had never been to Grand Lake. I quickly found out that I had been missing out. Thanks to Hayley and Chris, I got the opportunity to come and enjoy another beautiful place in our Colorado backyard. Luckily, I shot this wedding with my good friend Jo, who had not only shot there plenty of times before, but had vacationed there for years growing up. She even knew of a private dock (that we were allowed) on the lake where we ended up shooting some of my favorite portraits of the day. 

It rained pretty much all day. Normally that would put a damper on the day, especially from a photography perspective, but the rain decided to stop right at the perfect times. It started to rain about 30 seconds after we had shot the first look. For bride and groom portraits, it stopped raining right before we got out of the car and on to that private dock. It picked up again when we went back up to the venue, but it stopped just before ceremony. Miraculously, the day kind of just went on as planned. Even though it went the way it did, there is always a little disappointment on a bride's faces when there is rain on her wedding day. I also think it just pisses them off when someone says "it's good luck to have rain on your wedding day!" No it's not, so let's all stop saying that... but one thing I always tell my couple's when it rains is that no one showed up to the wedding JUST to play corn hole and lawn games in perfect weather. They came to celebrate the love that each couple shares. Whether it rains or not, that love won't change. 

Chris seemed like the kind of guy that was extremely genuine. He was a little bit reserved in front of the camera but as soon as he got near his bride, all of that went away. I could tell that they truly bring out the best in each other. When Hayley was by his side, Chris' smile got bigger, he seemed to have more fun and everything in the world seemed to be perfect. It wasn't a one way street though... Chris is obviously a great man for Haley. Once the first look happened, all of Hayley's nerves and stress melted away. It was like she was reminded of their love and why she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, all at that moment. Chris has a way of giving Hayley that perfect smile and I had the privilege to see it all day long.

The wedding was awesome. Beautiful people, a stunning location and good vibes all around. It was an honor to capture Chris and Hayley's wedding day and I can't wait to see what the next step in life hold for the newlyweds. CHEERS!


Venue- Grand Lake Lodge

Cake- The Dessert Stand

Floral- Megan Macmaster

DJ- Amore DJ (Hugh)

Catering- Grand Lake Lodge