Erica + Matt // Lionsgate Event Center

I don't know if other schools have this, but there is this weird TJ (my old high school) connection. People seem to keep in touch a little bit more than usual, help each other when needed or even stay good friends with the same people who you roamed the halls with. Erica was no exception. We stayed in touch over the years like most people would on social media and when we saw each other out on the town, we'd exchange hugs and well wishes. I was so happy when I got a message through Instagram that Erica was engaged and wanted to chat about photography!

Erica was the type of person who, even at an early age, understood the importance of  kindness. She had a lot of friends throughout the school and it wasn't just with the click she was in. I guess technically, she was in everyone's click because she spread her kindness and love throughout the whole school. I remember a couple on instances of her being super nice to me and me asking myself, "why is she being so nice?" The answer is simply because that that is the type of person Erica is. She makes people around her better, and people want a part of that. You can tell by the amount of people that were in her wedding party. 17 people... on each side. They weren't trying to outdo anyone or set a world record... they just love that many people and those people send that love right back. 

I knew that if Erica was going to have 17 people on her side of the wedding party, her fiancé had to at least come close. Meet Matt. I hadn't ever met him before our meeting, but by the end of it, I kind of wish I was one of the people standing up next to him. The dude is just a great guy and having that many people to stand by him on his wedding day was not an issue. He's such a good guy that I wasn't even going to hold it against him that he's an Oregon Duck fan. Go BEAVS. Sorry, I had to throw that in here haha... moving on. My favorite this about Matt though is the way he treats Erica. You can tell how much her loves her by seeing how he looks at her. When she is around, Matt lights up. His smile gets bigger, he walks a little taller and it's because he has the love of his life under his arms. He treats her with love and kindness every second they are around each other and that feeling is something that I relate to greatly.  

The love that Erica and Matt share with people didn't stop at the wedding party. Well over 300 guests were in attendance at Lionsgate Event Center to celebrate their love and they showed out. People from all over came through to show support and simply be a part of something special. It was nothing short of exactly that, special. Erica even had her Mother's wedding dress that she wore on her wedding day years ago remade for the special occasion. It was a beautiful touch to pay homage to your Mother on your own wedding day. 

The wedding itself was as advertised. The energy from everyone at the wedding was palpable. After dinner and before toasts, there was already a dance party going on. The DJ (DJ Zenas), who was in the wedding party and killed it by the way, had to clear people off the dance floor before the "dancing" was even supposed to begin. That's how a wedding should be right? Such high energy and celebration you just can't hold it in anymore. 

The toasts were great, drinks flowed throughout the evening and don't worry, the dance party picked back up again in no time. It was a truly amazing day and I am so thankful to have been a part of it. I'm excited where this life will take both Erica and Matt as I'm sure their future is bright ahead. Much love!