Katie + Taylor // Flying Horse Ranch Wedding

If you've read my blogs or been to my website, you'd know family means the world to me. In almost all of my blogs, I talk about how amazing it is to capture people's wedding days and how meaningful it is to me. When I get a chance to capture that day for a family member, it really does mean that much more. Taylor is my brother in law and now I get the honor of calling Katie my sister in law. Katie is truly someone you want in your life, so I consider myself one lucky guy to have her in my family.

 I will warn everyone before they look at this blog. There are a lot of photos of my kid. He was the ring bearer so I took a lot of shots of him and he's my favorite, so deal with it. 

Both Katie and Taylor played ball at very high levels (softball and baseball respectively) and as their Pastor said, "it's fitting how these two ball players had a rain delay on their wedding day." He wasn't joking either. It rained. A lot. It started raining during the first look and didn't let up until about an hour after the ceremony was supposed to start. I remember Katie looking out the window at the downpour and I saw a little disappointment on her face. I looked at her and told her "no one came to your wedding just for the weather. They came to celebrate the love that you and Taylor have together and whether it rains all day or not, that love isn't changing." With that a smile was on her face, a small glass of whiskey in her hand (really good whiskey I might add, and yes, I had some) and all of the sudden the sun started to come out.

One of my favorite things about this day was that I got to see a side of Taylor that I never have. Most of our relationship and he has shown a lot of the awesome big brother qualities and rightfully so... I mean he is the big brother of my wife, Alysen. To see the emotion he shared on the day, believe it or not, made me feel more connected with him. I cried like a baby during my wedding and seeing Taylor shed a few tears and get emotional was something I related to. It also reminded me of what I felt like watching my bride walk down the aisle and at that moment I truly knew how much Taylor loves Katie. 

The ceremony was awesome. Awesome weather, awesome words said and awesome cows. Yes, you read that right, cows. During the ceremony, I swear the entire group of cows on the ranch decided they wanted to check out what was going on. Some people couldn't hold their laughter. Between the cows, my son farting (loudly) during the ceremony and the amazing feeling of two people getting married, there were a lot of smiles to go around. After their first kiss, they started down the aisle like all bride and grooms do, but they started an impromptu dance session out of the ceremony, which the entire bridal party took part in. 

I have to give a shout out to Katie and her sister Kelly as well. They planned all of the details and absolutely nailed it. All of that china you see on the tables? Yeah, Katie and Kelly went to every goodwill in the state of Colorado multiple times to acquire all of the china for all of the quests and it turned out beautifully. Oh and Kelly did all of the flowers for the entire wedding. Great job ladies!

The rest of the wedding I was a guest and my buddy Brian Mallik took over the lead shooting duties and he (as always) killed it. I knew this already but one of the best things about this wedding was the love and support of everyone at the wedding, but specifically the wedding party. Some old friends and some new(ish) but everyone shared one thing in common. Love for the bride and groom and they showed it throughout the day. 

The rest of the reception was a blur and it went by all too fast. There were great toasts, cake and the fun crowd of people made sure the dancing was on point too! I am so excited to see where Katie and Taylor's life and love evolve and I am so lucky to call Katie a part of my family now. Cheers to the bride and groom!


Venue- Flying Horse Ranch

DJ- DJ Guy

Wedding Planner- Sara Beamish

Catering- Buffalo Gals

Officiant- Ed Uszynski

Cake- Glenda Campbell

Floral- Kelly Campbell & Bambi Lipsey

Videographer- Tiegan Hartley

Guitar- Drew Collins

Violin- Tony Peace