Fernanda + Nathan // Downtown Denver // Winter Engagement

When you meet people through an online platform, instead of a referral, you really don't know what to expect. This was the case for Fernanda, Nathan and myself. I had never met them before, nor had they known anyone that I knew. Yet here we were drinking coffee on a Sunday, in Union Station (where he proposed) downtown. Outside, it was snowing. I don't just mean the fluffy, magical, snowglobe type of snow. I mean borderline whiteout, smack you in the face kind of snow. The night before I reached out to Fernanda and asked if this is what she still wanted to do and she said: "of course!" Side note... I love adventures. Even if it is a place I've shot a bunch, I love shooting in weird or challenging conditions simply for the fact that it becomes unique. After drinking our coffee and chatting for a bit, we headed outside in the snow for their engagement session. 

We started working our way to where I wanted to start shooting and all of the sudden they both took their jackets off. I knew I liked these two. The only thing that would have made them more "Colorado" would have been if they were wearing shorts and Birkenstocks. The whole time I was shooting, I was preparing for the moment where the both of them were to give up and call it or find somewhere warm to shoot. That moment never happened and with the smiles on their faces, you'd never know they were cold and freezing. They smiled and laughed the whole way through and I couldn't have been luckier to have these two people in that kind of weather. Fernanda is even from Mexico City originally and she never complained once. I guess she did spend some time in Kansas at Pratt Community College on a softball scholarship (where these two met), so I suppose she knows what cold is, no doubt.

We bounced around downtown and got some great shots of them just... being them! Cold or not, these two make an amazing couple and I can't wait to shoot their wedding in July. I hope it doesn't snow again. Cheers!           

Tommy Cowan