Choury Family // Tucker Newborn

I'll be honest, I haven't done a ton of blogs about newborn shoots or families. The further along in my career I get, the more opportunities for newborn and family sessions I now have and I really want to start sharing those sessions with everyone. 

This session is a perfect one to start off with. Katie and Jamison have become really good friends of mine over the years and they have a little guy Cooper that I think is the bee's knees. This kid is always smiling and when he gets around my son, these two kids are a giggle-fest. they are just a fun family... they love baseball, they are always having fun and smiling, which obviously makes my job pretty easy. 

The main reason for this shoot was for their newborn (now 3 months) shoot of their newest addition, Tucker. This kid was a champ during the shoot. Sometimes, baby and newborn sessions can be a ticking time bomb but not this one. Tucker and Cooper nailed it. I'm sure right when I walked out the door all hell broke loose, but that's kind of the way parenting goes. 

I was really pumped about this session and am so happy to capture yet another life memory for the Chourys!



Tommy Cowan