Tamsen + Alyssa // Carnival Portraits

Sometimes you don't need an excuse like a wedding or engagement to do a photoshoot. Sometimes all you need are some beautiful people, a fun idea, and some well, fun. I have a lot of beautiful and fun friends but Tamsen and Alyssa might just take the cake... or cotton candy and popcorn on this occasion. 

I've always had an idea of doing an engagement session at a carnival but to be honest, it's kind of limiting for an entire session to celebrate an engagement. Going to a carnival with a couple of my gorgeous best friends seemed like a rad time. I saw that there was the Northglenn Food Truck Carnival and thought Tamsen and Alyssa would be a perfect fit! We headed up to Northglenn into some pretty dark and gloomy weather but their energy was anything but. 

A little background on these wonderful people, I've known Alyssa for quite some time and when we first met, I knew I had a friend for life. Alyssa is one of the truest people I've ever met. We've always had an amazing bond. She gives me a sense of security as a friend that I cherish and won't ever take for granted. I always feel so filled with love when I am around her and she truly makes my life so much richer when I am around her. If you've read other blogs, you'll notice that I have a pretty spectacular group of friends and Alyssa is at the epicenter of it all... she even became best friends with my sister who is pretty much the coolest person on this planet. After that I knew she'd be in my life forever. My relationship with Alyssa blossomed, even more, when Tamsen came into the picture because well, Tamsen is just the best. She has one of the best smile and laugh combos you'll ever come across and you can't help but smile and laugh right with her. One of the first times I ever got to know Tamsen, she made me an old-fashioned cocktail in her kitchen and it was spot on. Anyone who knows how to do that in their kitchen goes up a couple notches in my book immediately. It took a solid 2 or 3 times of being around each other before we started each saying "I love you" when we left each other's presence and we mean it. I love Tamsen, and just like Alyssa, she makes my life so much better by simply being a part of it. When you put these two amazing people together, the genuine sense of love and fun just come pouring out which is why they were perfect for this session. 

The session was kind of interesting in the sense that I didn't really have an agenda. We just walked into the carnival and started having fun as three friends... I just happened to have a camera in my hand and captured them just being them. I gave them some basic direction but I never felt like I "posed" them the whole night, except once, which happened to be my favorite moment of the whole shoot. I told them to stand next to each other and on three, tell me what superpower they would have if they could only have one, but there was one catch. It had to be an "inappropriate" superpower. I won't tell you what their answers were but I'm pretty sure you can tell that the answers were good. Really good. 

This session was just a glimpse of the fun energy they bring to everything they do in their lives together. I love them both so much and I can't wait to continue to do this amazing thing we call life together.