New York City

New York is an incredible place. Overwhelming... but incredible. The first day or so I found myself thinking "you can have this place", but then you get used the insane amount of people, the subway system and you've had pizza two or three times and the city starts to grow on you.

When we arrived in NYC it was "operation get to the place we are staying". Tommy was extremely cranky, hungry and acting out... and so was Little Tommy so we all headed straight to a local pizza joint for dinner. We took it easy the rest of that night and got ready for the rest of the trip! The next day I was shooting the engagement session for Jen and Marco but before then we all hit the town. We stopped off at The Rockefeller Center, shot around and ended up at "The Top of the Rock". What an experience! We got to see New York in it's vast greatness. You have a 360 degree view of the entire city and it is simply breath taking. Anyone traveling to New York, I'd highly recommend doing this.

Thursday was the only day during the trip that we didn't have anywhere we HAD to be. So naturally we filled it with things from morning to night to to experience the perfect amount of exhaustion. We first hopped on the subway, (which Little Tommy just absolutely loved. The whole trip, and even after he was saying "choo-choo! Choo-choo!") and headed to the Central Park Zoo. It's a small zoo but it was so cool. It has been there since the early 1900's when people had started to gift politicians exotic animals and they had nowhere to keep them... which is actually how the Denver Zoo started as well, look it up! The brick had cool ivy and wisteria hanging from them and it just had this secluded, unique feel to it.

We jammed around the city for the rest of the day until Alysen, LT and I all headed to Queens and caught a Mets game. If you've read any of my blogs in the past, you'll know how much baseball means to me. Especially sharing it with my amazing Wife (who ALMOST loves baseball as much as I do) and Son. The Mets got annihilated but it was an incredible experience. New York baseball fans are my kind of fans. There was the perfect amount of enthusiasm, f-bombs and hatred for the other team. Honestly you just don't get that here in Denver. Mostly people show up for the sunsets and the beer.

Overall New York was a trip to remember and I wouldn't have changed a thing! Thank you to Jen and Marco for falling in love and getting married and giving me the opportunity to capture that day and bring my family with me for an awesome experience!