Dustin + Taylor Engagement

This past weekend, I fell in love with an area in our amazing state. Telluride, Colorado to be exact. It is simply jaw dropping how beautiful it is. 360 degrees of pure awesome. A fitting place for Dustin and Taylor to take their engagement photos, given how awesome they are.

I went to High School at TJ with Dustin and our friendship seems to grow every time we see each other. Just a kind person with nothing but love to give to everyone around him. He has specifically decided to aim that love toward his now Fiance, Taylor and she is as sweet as can possibly be. 

Getting to know her better through this process has been an absolute treat. I found out she is a nurse and it fits her perfectly. To be a nurse, you have to be a certain type of person. Selfless, caring, nurturing and of course you can't mind the sight of blood. Taylor is all of those things and more and I couldn't be happier to know that my friend is marrying someone truly special.

We started in Durango where both Taylor and Dustin live. We shot a little in town but mainly wanted to shoot at the bar and restaurant, Digs, where they met and he eventually proposed. We were allowed to come in after hours and shoot a bit.

The next day we drove over to Telluride and shot in town for the iconic "Telluride" shot then headed to a spot called Last Dollar Road. This place is insanely beautiful. The amount of Aspens makes you feel engulfed and the beauty is almost overwhelming. On the way out of Last Dollar Road, we stopped in a field of wild flowers. In the background is the mountain the Coors mountain logo was designed and got some incredible stuff.

Then it was truly adventure time. Photographers aren't doing their jobs if they are only going where they are supposed to. So we headed off to do some old fashioned trespassing. We hopped a couple fences, found a huge elk herd and snapped away at sunset. What an incredible experience with incredible people.

I can't wait for your wedding in October for more adventures and thank you both for such an amazing shoot! Much love!

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