Siena + Alonzo Engagement Hood River, OR

Most of the blogs I post have a personal connection with at least one of the people I'm photographing. Usually it dates back to high school or maybe not even that far. Well Siena and I go way back. Like we played Tee Ball together when we were four way back. We went to elementary school together and then 6th grade at Jackson Middle School before I moved away to Denver, CO. I would have gone to Wilson High, where most of the people I grew up with attended but off to Colorado I went and my life formed from there.

Facebook is an incredible thing to be able to watch someone's life grow from a distance no matter where you or they are in the world. That's exactly how Siena and I stayed in touch. I saw throughout the years some posts about this or that but all of the sudden she started dating someone, Alonzo and it seemed to be going pretty awesome. I mean, they are two of the most stunning people you'll ever see, so they have that going for them! I decided to reach out to Siena before Zoe even proposed to say "when that day comes, I want to be your photographer." Well that day did come and I found myself on a hike in the Columbia River Gorge up to Wahclella Falls for their engagement photos.

Getting to catch up with Siena was amazing. I got to see what kind of a friend I've been missing out on all of these years. Then I started to get to know Zoe. From the jump I knew he was a good dude but the more I heard their stories, the more I realized how much they compliment each other. It made me wish I lived in the same state. I wish I had the ability to have their energy in my life on a consistent basis. Any one of their friends would tell you that their lives are better because Si and Zoe are in it. 

The shoot was amazing. The state of Oregon has such drastic beauty and everywhere you look there is an opportunity for something unique. After Wahclella Falls we headed to Hood River for some well deserved beers at Double Mountain Brewery. We then headed to The Gorge White House for some shots with Mt. Hood as the backdrop and some dreamy flowers and back lighting. We finished up at a lavender field that was "closed" but what the hell... it was sunset and I figured anyone else would understand our "trespassing". We had some drinks, some laughs and captured it all in a beautiful place which was a perfect evening in my book.

Thank you both for such an amazing adventure... I can't wait for the next one!

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Tommy Cowan