Costa Rica Day 3 // Monkey Business // K+R Portrait Session

Day 3 in Costa Rica was a little less hectic. Brian and I woke up, drank some coffee, edited some images and then the monkeys showed up… They arrive every morning without fail to get their daily rations of bananas and photographs before continuing on their day. They got their fill and with full bellies, scurried off. Brian and I then headed out to scout for the portrait session later in the day with Kristin and Rick. We scouted a beach called Playa Biesanz which is much less crowded than the main beach in Manuel Antonio. After we scouted and shot around a bit, we saw some people from the wedding on the beach and we purposefully got distracted with some “Guaro Sours”. Not a bad afternoon to say the least.
We went back to the house to cool down for a bit and then off we all went for their portrait session. When we came back to the beach we realized that high tide came in and our plan for the beach needed to change. Something that Brian and I are accustomed to with changing weather in Colorado on wedding days, we made different plans and absolutely crushed the session on this little beach. We used every bit of the space that we could and got some really killer portraits. Running around the beach with the love of your life would consist of a pretty rad evening but we weren’t done!
If you have ever been to Manuel Antonio you’ve had to pass the restaurant “El Avion” which is actually a C-123 Fairchild cargo plane on the top of a hill that some really smart person converted to restaurant. I thought it was a downed plane but found out that wasn’t the case. Thinking that it’s a downed plane is a much cooler story so just go with that for now… We had one last shot in front of that plane to tell the story of Manuel Antonio and then went back to the Villa were an amazing dinner and drinks awaited us.
My favorite part about vacations where big groups travel together is the community aspect of things. There was a PRODUCTION in the kitchen last night. Every time I asked to help I got thrown out so, back to my cocktail I went. What a drag. Brian and I did the dishes and cleaned afterwards to feel like we contributed but everyone has been amazing together. Everyone wants not only help each other but make sure this whole week is one that Kristin and Rick never forget.