Costa Rica Day 4 // Nauyaca Waterfalls // Dominical

After settling into the villa with everyone for a couple days, Brian and I went down south about an hour to the trail of the Nauyaca Waterfalls. We drove on the trail until you couldn't drive anymore and then headed up towards the falls. The hike was about 2.5 miles straight up and was arguably the toughest thing I had done since being in Costa Rica. It wasn't the hike itself, although that was tough too. What made the hike tough was the heat... and the beers the night before. I felt like I had never sweat that much in my whole life. We finally get to the top and there it was... one of the best adventures I'll ever have.

It was incredible. Brian and I felt like little kids at a water park asking their mothers if they could go just one more time down the slide. Jump after jump, photo after photo we just played until we absolutely had to go back down. The water was so perfect and the ambiance of the whole place was unforgettable. After swimming for almost two hours we hiked up to the bigger waterfall up above the swimming hole and shot around a bit.

The hike back down wasn't nearly as tough but because of the heat it was still a good workout. Kind of like going on a decline treadmill placed in a sauna. After we got back to the car we headed to the town of Dominical... My favorite place on earth. My wife and I got married just outside of Dominical and all three times I've been to Costa Rica, I've made an appearance in this amazing little place. This little surf town holds a very special place in my heart. It is so welcoming and quaint, filled mostly with locals and people escaping the hustle and bustle of any other town in the world. I felt like I had stepped back into one of my previous memories, even if it was just for a single moment. I felt myself wondering if I'd ever be back here again, but something tells me that a place this special won't go unseen for me and mine. Dominical... I will be back.