Kristin + Rick // Costa Rica Destination Wedding

The last few days you've probably seen some blogs and posts from Brian Mallik and I in Costa Rica. Well, the only reason why we were down there in the first place is because two great people fell in love and decided to get married in a pretty rad place, Costa Rica. Meet Kristin and Rick. Kristin was my neighbor when my wife Alysen and I got married in Costa Rica over 4 years ago. She met Rick a few years back and fell in love pretty quickly. I mean, who couldn't love the funny, genuine and positive person that Rick is! I got a text message last June from Kristin saying she was engaged and planning a wedding in Costa Rica... my initial selfish thoughts were if I was going to be able to go. She answered that thought immediately by asking me to shoot the wedding. After hard deliberation of .5 seconds I said yes.

For months Costa Rica was this trip happening in the future and it was this distant thought. All of the sudden we all found ourselves on a plane headed for Costa Rica. After Brian and I adventured for a couple days we met up with everyone at the villa and before we knew it, it was wedding day. Even though it was hot, it just felt like the perfect day. Both Kristin and Rick got ready in separate air conditioned rooms and started their wedding day off right. A beer here, a drink there... a relaxed atmosphere. It was just what everyone needed and once everyone was ready, Brian and I places the Bride and Groom in their places for the first look.

I've talked before about first looks and recently wrote a blog about it and gave examples. I could have just showed the photos from this first look and it would have sealed the deal for anyone on the fence about one. Rick's reaction is the reason why a first look is my favorite moment of any wedding day. You could swat the emotions out of the air they were so thick. I loved how genuine his reaction was and after everyone came back down to earth we sent off for the rest of the day.

We took the wedding party down to the beach in Manuel Antonio and shot around to show off the amazing place that Costa Rica is. I may be biased because I had my wedding there, but I think Costa Rica is the best place for a destination wedding. Perfect beaches, welcoming people and stunning views everywhere you look. After photos, we headed back to the villa for the ceremony. It went perfectly as planned and the rest of the evening was just perfect. Good drinks, good people and great atmosphere. Once the "official wedding business" was over, everyone got in their bathing suits and we had a pretty sweet photo session with everyone at the pool. You had to get creative with the pose in mid air before you jumped in and we got some killer shots. You might see some people's profile picture in air suspended above a swimming pool if they attended this wedding.

Brian and I are so lucky to have been a part of everything and to have the opportunity to capture the love of Kristin and Rick along with such an incredible group of people throughout the week. Costa Rica is a magical place and I can't wait till the next time I'm down there. Until then, I may just look at Kristin and Rick's photos every day... PURA VIDA!!!