Costa Rica Day 5 + 6 // Quepos // Blue Hole Dominical

So, I'm back in Denver but my mind is still in Costa Rica. So much sympathy from you all, I know. I'm writing this blog in particular a little late because I wanted Kristin and Rick's wedding blog to get the priority. That was the whole reason I was out there in the first place so I guess I should post some pictures of them too.

The first section of this blog was from the morning of the wedding. Brian and I went down to a town close by called Quepos to scope out any potential spots for wedding photos. The town was really cool but it wouldn't have made sense to go down there on the wedding day. Brian and I decided to show off our wedding attire with a couple of portraits in town. We found this cool blue wall and shot around. Brian made me look cooler than I really am, let's be honest. We headed back up to the villa and shot the wedding and that day was history!

The next day I wanted to take as many people as we could to a place called the Blue Hole near Dominical. I got married close to Dominical in 2012 and during our trip we went to this amazing place per recommendation. We had an incredible time. We could have spent all day there but had other plans. Half way through us jumping off of this rope swing, a local kid came by and blew our freaking minds with what he could do. He ran halfway up the hillside, swung out over the water with a back flip and gracefully into the water while all of us went nuts.

I wanted to give this same experience to everyone for this wedding! We found the spot and went down and it was much different. It was the dry season and the water level was waaaaay down. We went down to the water and guess who shows up? That same local from over 4 years ago. Come to find out, he was only 13 when I saw him last. He showed us that we could still swing off the rope but we have to swing way out to the left to find the deepest part or else you could hurt yourself. Well Brian, Rip and I all decided to go for it and it was a blast. The sun decided to peek through for just a second and it felt like it did 4 years ago. Everyone had a great time at the watering hole and then headed into Dominical for lunch and drinks.

Dominical is a very special place to me and it was such a treat to be able to share it with others who hadn't been there. It is a place with mostly locals and has a much more relaxed feel. Someone had said that Dominical was a place that they envisioned what Costa Rica truly was like. I got to swim in the ocean and it was the perfect cap to one of the best trips of my life.

I got to bond with one of my best friends, Brian, on this trip along with capturing the love and wedding of two great people. I'm a very fortunate guy to be able to do what I do and I can't wait till the next adventure. Thank you to everyone who read these blogs and followed our stories and Thank you to Kristin and Rick for this amazing opportunity. Love you guys!